This is a listing of the types of trees we sell.

Types of Trees We Sell

Types of Trees We Sell

  1. Scotch Pines

    Scotch Pines are our most popular tree and they cover most of our fields.  They have stiff branches and long, sharp needles.  They are good for those who want a tree which can carry lots of ornaments and can be heavily decorated.

  2. Eastern White Pine

    Eastern White Pines are another popular tree.  They're known for the soft needles and soft branches.  They are not good for large ornaments.  You need to use smaller ornaments and fewer ornamets for these trees.  They are smaller than the Scotch pines.

  3. Virginia Pines

    Virginia Pine is a unique pine.  They have softer needles than a Scotch pine but their branches are relatively sturdy.  We only have a small group of these.  Most are not sheared or shaped, so we sell these for less.  If you want a tree that isn't heavily shaped or a tree to make into wreaths, the Virginia Pines might be what you're looking for.

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Common Questions

  1. Why do some trees have yellowing at the ends of their needles?

    While pine trees don't lose their needles, they do into a more dormant state during the wintertime.  Generally, the yellowing is an effect of this as the tree uses less water during this time.  Typically, the yellowing starts in November, although depending on the season and the rainfall, it could start earlier or later.

  2. Why is there tape on top of some trees?

    While it would be nice for all trees to grow perfectly (less work for us), they generally don't.  When a tree doesn't form a center branch or the center branch doesn't produce new growth, we will tape another branch to point upwards to help with the new growth.  The tape doesn't mean anything bad with the tree, though.

  3. Do you sell trees for transplant?

    No, we don't.

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